1. Ain’t Skeared

  2. Chow Time

  3. Stupid Lawyers #siri #wholetthedogsout

  4. Happy Friday.

    And now, here’s my new favorite YouTube kid, Nick Mason, dancing in his yard.

  5. “Liberty is all or nothing”… Liberty Beats: “The Right To Be Left Alone”

  6. Viva la Resistance! #ingress

  7. Flyest Selfie Ever

  8. Ever Wondered What the Opening in the Front of Men’s Underwear is For? Wonder No More. You’re Welcome.

  9. Creep Wouldn’t Quit Making References to My Booty (at Austin Aquarium)

  10. Worth Six in the Bush? (at Austin Aquarium)

  11. Beauty Sleep #octopus (at Austin Aquarium)

  12. I’m a Real Boy Now #ingress

  13. Siri’s Annoying Pop Culture Module is Now Up and Running

  14. The 8-Sided Level Icon is a Lie #ingress #vivalaresistance

  15. Level Up!