1. Math Rap

  2. And the award for saddest #nationalbeerday photo goes to…

  3. Hot Rodders Against The Environmentalists

  4. …in the Details

  5. ’23 T

  6. Lowlita

  7. Undertaker Recovery

  8. Vint Cerf is The Architect (Screenshot of Vint’s Google+ Hangout today + Screen Grab from “The Matrix”)

  9. Name the Religious Figure Appearing in My Banana

  10. Decisions. Decisions. (at Camille’s Ice Cream Bars)

  11. Perspectives: West Side vs. East Side

  12. Storm Brewing

  13. New High Score (I Suck at This Game) #car2go #needsaturbo (at car2go)

  14. 7 days of #sxsw2014 (at SXSW 2014)

  15. TWRK (at The Mohawk)